Calibre ‘Even If’

Posted by on Friday, October 8th, 2010

Calibre’s forthcoming LP ‘Even If’ is released on November 15th on Signature…

“Ok so this is my 7th album, it doesn’t feel like it but I don’t know what should…..the last dnb album I wrote from the ground up was overflow, so in between I released Shelflife 2 a compilation of unreleased tracks, and Shine A Light my weird departure from everything,  with Even If…. I was back on familiar ground, I employed my voice a few times, got emotional, forgot everything and turned the tempo up. I’m always looking for the songwriter slant in dnb, to feel the blues in my music is important to me, it is a raw connection I never get tired of looking for. And to sing it means a lot to me. I’ve tried to cover my own long standing interests in a musical genre that was supposed to have died a long time ago. And so here it is, a collection of tunes I’ve put together for the purpose of moving some part of you that’s the same part of me”.
- Calibre 2010

12″ Vinyl x 3
a Calibre ‘Even If’
b Calibre ‘Rose’
c Calibre ‘Open Your Eyes’
d Calibre ‘Acid Hands’
e Calibre ‘Thirst Dub’
f Calibre ‘Gone Away’

1 Calibre  ’All You Got’
2 Calibre  ’Even If
3 Calibre ‘Rose’
4 Calibre ‘Broken’
5 Calibre ‘Thirst Dub’
6 Calibre ‘Me Myself And I’
7 Calibre ‘Steptoe’
8 Calibre ‘Open Your Eyes’
9 Calibre ‘Acid Hands’
10 Calibre ‘Section Dub’
11 Calibre ‘Gone Away’
12 Calibre ‘No Reply’
13 Calibre ‘Manchester Nights’

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