LTJ Bukem To Relaunch Good Looking Records

Posted by on Sunday, March 20th, 2011

In a recent interview with Time Out Beijing, LTJ Bukem confirmed that he will be relaunching Good Looking Records:



Time Out: What’s happening with your record label, Good Looking Records? You guys have been quiet for a while…

LTJ Bukem: We’re basically planning a relaunch with a new website within the next six weeks or so. We’re going to start releasing vinyl, digital, old stuff, old mixes. People think – because we’ve been quiet for a long time – we’ve been doing nothing, but that’s not true. The extent of our catalogue is huge. We’ve been remastering a lot of the stuff; it’s like doing it over again really, going back to the early 12-inches from ‘91 and ‘92, including my stuff. It’s a massive, massive job, but it’s important to get it all done.

Time Out: What happened to your tune ‘Atmospheric Jubilancy’? There were a few test presses floating around a couple of years ago but it never seemed to get a full release…
LTJ Bukem: The first thing on vinyl we’re going to release is the Marky & SPY remix of my track ‘Atlantis’; people have been raving over that one for a while now, so I want to get it out first. Drop that one, then obviously ‘Jubilancy’ out on vinyl after that, then so on and so forth. I’ve just got loads and loads of stuff. I don’t want to be in the position where you drop a tune, then a year later it comes out. I want tunes to be out a month after the DJs play them.


Read the whole interview here

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