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Together, Shortcut, Conflict and Dan Xs are DBR UK, a name synonymous with championing the Drum and Bass scene in the Home Counties, UK for the past 15 years. Recognised for pushing forward deeper 170bpm flavours, the DJ trio have been doing so through a variety of mediums, including hosting primetime shows on pirate radio stations Perception FM and Raw FM, as well as running their label Broken Audio Recordings which has supported talents such as Genotype, Meth, Skeptical, DLR, Flatliners.  In recent years, DBR UK have ventured into production too, releasing their well received debut EP, ‘Fighting The Storm’ on Broken Audio last year, and signing more releases to notable labels including 31 Records and Samurai Music to name but a few.

This week sees the release of DBR UK’s dark soulful roller ‘Troubled Soul’ with Jaybee’s ‘Dark Day’s Night’ on Translation Recordings, and so we caught up with Shortcut to find out more about what the collective have been up to and currently working on…



TiD&B: For those who may not be familiar with your work, can you tell us more about DBR UK?

Shortcut: DBR UK is made up of 3 friends, myself Craig, Carl (Conflict) & Dan (Dan Xs).  We have been together as a collective for a number of years now and represent the deeper side of D&B. At the moment we have tracks forthcoming on 31 Records, Ingredients, Samurai Music, Horizons Music, Blackout Music, Vampire, Broken Audio & Extent Recordings.

TiD&B: Does DBR stand for anything in particular?

Shortcut: Drum and Bass Republic.


TiD&B: Is it easy working as a three?  Have you developed a collaborative process where each member brings something different to the table?

Shortcut: To be honest, I’ve mainly been making the tracks which we’ve released in the past, but Conflict has got into production now and he is doing really well, making some very nice things in the short time in which he’s been producing.  I have a certain way of working, so now having Carl work on the tracks too, is great as he brings a totally new angle to the production.  At the moment, we work in Logic and send tracks to each other via Aim, but we are all planning to hook up on a more regular basis.

TiD&B: You also run your own label Broken Audio Recordings as well as putting on Broken Audio nights – what is the ethos behind the Broken Audio brand and what defines it from other labels in the scene?

Shortcut: Broken Audio was set up by us and a friend, Boba with an aim to push new, up and coming artists through to the scene.  The ethos behind it was to put out good music, as at the time we started the label, there was a lot of crap music being released.  Our sound is what defines us from other labels, as we release deep/minimal/rollers.  We are always looking out for new styles and new producers who are making a unique sound.


TiD&B: Can you tell us more about the hook up with Translation Recordings?

Shortcut: We was introduced to Brian at Translation Recordings by our partner from Broken Audio, Boba, since then we have formed a great relationship with the team and become good friends.



TiD&B: How did ‘Troubled Soul’ come about?  Do you have a standard method when it comes to writing and producing music together?

Shortcut: ‘Troubled Soul’ was named so, after one of my good friends was going through a bad stage in his life.

When it comes to making tracks, we always start by making the beat first then move onto a bassline, once we are happy with that, the rest of the tune tends to just fall into place.


TiD&B: You’ve been involved in radio for many years, having played on some of the biggest D&B pirate stations in the UK, what are your thoughts on the importance of radio pushing the scene forward? Do you think it is still as influential and relevant today as it was when you began in the industry?

Shortcut: Yes, I find it helps up & coming artists to get there music heard, as it’s a platform for people to hear you perform, without having to leave their home. Radio has changed so much from back in the days when you could only hear underground music on your local pirate radio station, now its only a click away on the internet.


TiD&B: Finally, which tracks never leave your record box?

Shortcut: That’d be…Johnny L ‘Wish U Had something’, Ed Rush & Optical ‘Bacteria’, dBridge ‘True Romance’ and Konflict ‘Messiah’.


Check out DBR UK’s exclusive mix for TiD&B, a perfect example of the deeper, bass-heavy rumbling beats they’re known for delivering and packed with forthcoming exclusive dubs from both themselves and the Broken Audio camp…we dare you to try and not pull dirty faces to this!



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