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The last 12 months have seen more and more established Drum and Bass producers pairing up to collaborate under new aliases and create the kind of monster tracks to shake up the scene; Loadstar, Need For Mirrors, Northern Lights to name a few.  One of the more recent additions in this much welcomed trend of new partnerships is Hybrid Minds, aka Haste and Sensa, who after only having had one release under their new moniker, with ‘The Place’ (Audio Danger Records, 2011), have already attracted the attention of key tastemakers with support from artists such as Hype, DJ Marky and Grooverider.  This, combined with the new direction of sound they’ve been exploring since working together, moving away from the Jump Up and upfront styles in which their individual careers commenced, and exploring more soulful vibes, has got a lot of D&B heads taking note, so we thought it a good idea to have a chat with Hybrid Minds and find out more about their new project…

TiD&B: Going back and starting at the beginning of your careers, can you tell us more about how individually, you got involved in Drum & Bass?

Sensa: I started out listening to all sorts, from Hip Hop to Garage, it was not until I hit 13 that I started to gain a firm interest in Drum & Bass. If it had not been for my friends, I doubt I would of ever discovered the genre, so a big thanks to them really.  I didn’t get truly involved in D&B as an artist until my early 20s which is when I started getting records released.

Haste: Towards the end of my school life I was a big fan of Trip Hop with Broken Beats & Breaks. I think I just naturally progressed into D&B as I started to come across new artists. The idea of being a DJ appealed to me greatly so I got some decks and the rest is history.

TiD&B: How did your collaboration come about?

Haste: We have been running a label together, Motion Sensor Recordings for a few years so have known each other a while. I started to make music about a year ago and as Sensa was teaching me the basics of music production we started to make a few things together and it just seemed to work.

Sensa: Haste was a quick learner, we have very similar ideas when it comes to production which makes it pretty easy for us to work in the studio together.

TiD&B: Have your solo projects been put on hold whilst concentrating on Hybrid Minds?

Sensa: It would be pretty much near impossible to carry on with our solo projects,  we are pretty snowed under with what we have got on at the minute. I can’t see myself making anything solo for the foreseeable future but who knows, stranger things have happened.

Haste: I think, it is a lot easier this way and it keeps everything tidy. This is what we want to push at the moment.

TiD&B:Do you find it easier working together as a duo?

Haste: Definitely, I find it a lot more fun and we can play to each others strong points and bounce ideas around.  It also makes the process faster as we can be doing 2 things at once.

Sensa: It is unquestionably easier as a duo as you have two pairs of ears, so when you’re stuck for what to do next, you have someone to push you along & give you ideas. Also like Haste said, we can have alternative jobs taking place simultaneously.

TiD&B: How does it feel to have received so much attention from high profile DJs so quickly, after only having had one release?

Sensa: It is all quite surreal, the amount of support has been staggering, everyone who has ever influenced us to make music has pretty much supported us in the last few months. We only ever intended to make music for ourselves, not to gain anything from it, so this is a huge bonus and we are  hugely appreciative of anyone who is helping us out right now.

Hybrid Minds ‘The Place’

TiD&B: So far, as a duo, you’ve been making more Liquid sounds rather than the Jump Up and grimier tracks we’ve previously associated with your individual alias Sensa and Haste, is there a particular reason behind this choice?

Haste: I have always been more inspired to make the deeper side of Drum & Bass. I want to make music that has shelf life which I feel is very hard to do with Jump Up. I love to play it in clubs though. We just make what we are feeling and would like to cover a wide area of Drum & Bass.

Sensa: Well I have been actively involved in the Jump Up scene for quite a few years, I think I just fell out of love with it as more time passed, I think I was in love with what it was, not what it has become. There are some very strong artists still around keeping the scene alive but just not enough to keep me interested.  But as Haste says, it is still the best music for the clubs & I think you’ll always hear it in our sets.

TiD&B: Was there a specific track or a certain producer’s influence that got you interested in the more soulful and minimal sub-genres within D&B?

Haste: Artists like Calibre, Mutt, Bcee, Lomax, Logistics, Commix got me into it really.  I can’t really remember a specific track, but one that has always stood out for me since the moment I heard it was Alix Perez & Sabre ‘Old Flame’ and it still sounds amazing now.

Alix Perez & Sabre ‘Old Flame’

Sensa: Whilst I was still producing Jump Up,  I progressively found myself listening to different producers, a lot of S.P.Y, Mutt, Icicle, Rockwell, all sorts really.  It all sounded fresh & exciting, and that’s what made me want to start making it.

TiD&B: Will you now be focused on only making these kind of styles?

Haste: I like to think that we don’t focus on one thing and just make what we like and what inspires us, which can change daily.

Sensa: I don’t think we ever know how a tune is going to turn out, we just go with the flow and see what happens. We have a variety of different styles going on with our latest batch of tracks, ranging from dark, to soulful to more commercial vibes. Last thing we want to do is pigeon hole ourselves into one style, we want to appeal to the masses but at the same time be appealing to ourselves.

TiD&B: What can we look forward to from the Hybrid Minds camp?

Haste: We have a 20 track compilation album ‘Breaks at Dawn’ which has just come out on our label featuring a handful of new artists that we think people need to be looking out for, including Savage Rehab, Intraspekt, D.M.T and many more.  ’The Place’ has also be featured in ‘Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection 2011′ which we’re really happy about.


TiD&B: Where can we catch you guys playing out in the next couple weeks?  Will you be hitting up any festivals?

Haste: We have a few gigs coming up in the UK and in Europe. Keep your eye out for an event called the Dirty Weekender in Wales, which we’ll be playing at and looking to be big!

Sensa: We’ve had a lot of interest & bookings this year, a lot more than we expected to get this early on. But if you want to keep up to date with our gigs, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

For a taster of all things Hybrid Minds, get your ears round their latest studio mix featuring brand new dubs from the duo:



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