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It’s been several months since our last guest mix but now one of our favourite features is back and what better way to return but with a banger; we present TiD&B’s Summer Mix by Flaco!

Being based in London, unfortunately the sun is never mentioned enough in our weather forecasts so we have had to make do; turning the heating on high and playing our favourite Summer tracks, those tunes which instantly warm you up with their infectious upbeat vibe or our personal faves, those D&B cuts intertwined with samba rhythms that transport us to the streets of Rio during Carnival.  One such DJ to provide much of this aural pleasure over the Winter months has been Flaco, via his weekly radio show on Bassdrive and a well stocked Soundcloud page, both his mixes and own original productions, have continued to put a smile on our face.  So when it came to choosing who’d be perfect to deliver the TiD&B Summer mix, select an artist we trusted to provide the soundtrack to the season, who else better to do the job but Flaco.

Find out more about the talented producer hailing from Florida and championed by D&B’s greatest including LTJ Bukem and DJ Marky in our exclusive chat below, and without further ado, ladies swap those kicks for some sexy sandals, sirs go grab your sunnies and let the sun-kissed beats play loud through your speakers!



TiD&B: For those who may be unfamiliar with your work, how would you sum up your sound?

Flaco: My music varies because I really like most forms of D&B, but people do say that I have a signature sound.  A lot of my samples come from hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul songs that combine well with the D&B that I want to play, a sound that’s always aimed for the dancefloor.  When I first got into music some of the artists that heavily influenced me were early Ed Rush & Optical, Marcus Intalex and Calibre.


TiD&B: Where did your artist name come from…are you a skinny fella?

Flaco: I remember my whole family speaking Spanish around me when I was younger.  We had a farm in Puerto Rico where we would visit in the Summers.  The name Flaco stuck in my head as the women in my family would tell me I needed to eat more and that I was “flaco” which means slim or skinny in Spanish.

TiD&B: Back to the music, how did you get involved in drum and bass?

Flaco: I started listening to electronic music and house in the early-mid 90s.  One day a friend of mine asked me if I had ever heard of Goldie, and he put on Timeless.  The first track ‘Inner City Life’ was one of the first drum and bass tunes that I would remember forever.



TiD&B: Do you remember the first track which got you properly hooked on D&B?

Flaco: It was definitely the tune ‘Wormwhole’ by Ed Rush & Optical, and actually the entire album ‘Wormhole’.  It was very raw drum & bass which defined the time in which it came out and was a staple D&B LP for most.  Their sound intrigued me so much and I became addicted to the music.



TiD&B: Latino flavours feature heavily in your production – have they always played an important part in your style?

Flaco: Half of the family I grew up with spoke Spanish and as I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico.  The music that comes from there and many other Latin countries was always played around me when I was young.  There is something similar to Latin music and D&B that goes well with each other; the fast paced instrumentation and vibe is a good combo.


TiD&B: Is music your full time focus at the moment? What other interests do you have outside of making beats?

Flaco: Music is a huge part of my life and I spend a great deal of it working on tunes, hosting my radio show on Bassdrive (every Wednesday night 8-10pm EST) as well as networking with other producers and labels.  But I’m also studying business at the moment, and work as a chef at a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida.  So I’m always very busy trying to get as much done as I can and still have some time to relax/party.


TiD&B: Being very much involved in the D&B scene in Florida, can you tell us more about what’s hot at the moment?  How does the scene there differ from other D&B hubs in the US?

Flaco: The scene in Florida seems to vary from time to time.  There are great DJs and producers all over the state who are involved in the scene.  Torque out of Orlando has been bringing top D&B acts here for over 12 years now, which I saw the very beginning of.  Miami has also always been a huge draw for D&B and all kinds of electronic music, especially during the Winter Music Conference week in March.


TiD&B: What have you got coming up for the rest of 2011…we noticed that your track ‘Punta Las Marias’ which has been championed for months by the likes of Fabio and Grooverider is forthcoming on Good Looking – will it be part of the label’s much anticipated return?

Flaco: 2011 has been a very productive year for me. Many of the D&B DJs on BBC’s Radio 1 and 1Xtra have been giving me much support.  ‘Punta Las Marias’ is one of my newest tunes forthcoming on LTJ Bukem’s label Good Looking.  This track along with a good deal of more tunes from myself and many other very talented D&B producers will be a part of the new releases for his label.  I have also been working with Marky from Innerground Records and am going to be releasing my first 12″ EP with them in the next quarter or so.



TiD&B: How would you introduce your selection for the TiD&B Summer mix? Have you included any specific favourite tracks?

Flaco: This mix includes some of my favorite tunes that I have been hearing recently and play out when I spin a live show.  I wanted to bring something exclusive for This is Drum and Bass and appreciate the opportunity to share this music with you.  The favorites on this are one of my own ‘Gonna Take Time’ and fellow Innerground producer Level 2′s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ as well as Random Movement, Total Science, & dRamatic & dbAudio.  Many thanks to Lady V and everyone involved at TiD&B.


TiD&B’s Summer Mix by Flaco

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