El Hornet: North American Drum and Bass mix

Posted by on Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Word from El Hornet about his mix…“The drum and bass music coming out of North America in the early to mid 00′s was very inspirational to me. In essence I felt a strong bond with these producers due to us both being viewed as outsiders in a scene that had since its infancy been pretty much centered on English artists. Alot of people there also shared my punk and metal roots and seemed to discover drum and bass around the same time, for the same reasons. We were greeted with open arms in North America right back as far as 2003 and remain good friends with most of those people today. 
This mix is not an all inclusive representation of the scene or all of the major people I’d love to name check as the history of North American dnb extends much further than these 32 tracks alone. This is however, some of the stuff I have played out, all from vinyl, selected partly at random from my record collection completely on the fly.”


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