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Shogun Audio most definitely did not hold back when celebrating their 50th release, dropping the superb compilation LP  ‘The Way of the Warrior’, which hit stores last week, soaring straight to the top of numerous online music charts.  Featuring fresh tracks by producers, including the likes of Rockwell, Icicle, dBridge and Commix, who have all had a close association with the imprint since it’s inception in 2004, the album only reconfirms Shogun’s status as a forward-thinking collective, repping strong amongst the pioneers of our genre.

We caught up with three of label-heads Friction and K-Tee’s warriors; Alix Perez and SpectraSoul who, having signed exclusively to Shogun, have played an invaluable part in reaching the milestone that is SHA050 – we talked more about ‘The Way of the Warrior’, touched upon their experience of working with the label and also found out what else they’ve got in store…


TiD&B:How did you first link up with Friction and K-Tee? 

Alix Perez: From what I recall, we connected through fellow producer Sabre around 2005/2006. At the time, Friction was playing our track ‘Solitary Native’ which he eventually signed to Shogun LTD.  From then on, the relationship grew steadily and I became more and more involved with the label.  

SpectraSoul:  We’ve both known them for a number of years through living in Brighton.


TiD&B: In what way has being part of the Shogun family shaped your career?

Alix:  I found from the start, Shogun always proved to be a solid platform.

SpectraSoul: Yeah, Ed and Keir have provided us with a great platform to release our material – we have been given creative freedom to explore and develop our sound.  Being a part of the Shogun ‘camp’ has been a great support too as we are all good mates outside of the music.

Alix: Our partnership goes beyond business and also lies within friendship; we are all in it together.

TiD&B: What’s been a personal highlight for you since joining the label?

Alix: Two things; initially being asked to be part of the label and secondly releasing my debut album ’1984′.

SpectraSoul: Our first solo 12” release was a big milestone, but we would have to say that having the chance to perform at The End club (London) as residents of the Shogun Audio nights…The End is sorely missed.

TiD&B: You collaborated together, as well as with Rockwell on the smooth ‘Montpellier’ featuring Anthony Moriah which is featured on ‘The Way of The Warrior’ – with 4 of you on the production, was it easy to write?

Alix: I’ve worked with both SpectraSoul and Rockwell individually before and I found that it always resulted in something positive.  From learning each other’s ‘ways’ of producing to sharing ideas.  Montpellier was the same process but combined between all of us. 

SpectraSoul: It was one of those tracks that just kind of wrote itself. We’d all been out the night before and just decided to get on a beat, and within a few hours we had the framework of the tune. We all understand how each other work, so it all came together pretty quickly & naturally.


TiD&B: Do you have a favourite track from the LP?

Alix: I dont really have a favourite, I think the LP respectively showcases the label as a whole and our individual input in the project.

SpectraSoul: Yeah, it’s hard to pick a favourite, as it’s such a strong collection of tracks, but we’ve always had a soft-spot for dBridge’s ‘Since We’ve Been Apart’.


TiD&B:  What else have you got coming up that we should keep an ear out for?

Alix: I’m currently working on my second LP, which of course will be released on Shogun in the future.

SpectraSoul: We’re currently working towards our debut LP. Its been a long time in the making and we have had a number of set backs which have lengthened the process, but it is starting to take some shape.  We’re really excited, and we’re working hard to deliver a forward-thinking and broadly accessible album that will explore new tempos and styles, as well as encapsulate the trademark ‘SpectraSoul’ sound.

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