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Think Viper Recordings; think quality drum and bass productions, and the latest release from Futurebound’s imprint does nothing but reaffirm this, with the label’s rising star Metrik having dropped his excellent sophmore EP last week.

Entitled ‘Between Worlds’, it features five tracks, each continuing the trend we’ve come to associate with his style over the past couple of years, that of making music to excite the dancefloor,  whilst also dipping his toe into other tempos, showcasing his abilities within drumstep and dubstep.  We caught up with Metrik to shed more light on the release and his work behind the project…


TiD&B: Can you introduce yourself to the TiD&B readers…

Metrik: My name is Tom Mundell aka. Metrik – I’m originally from Guildford but now living in London where I am a producer and DJ of electronic dance music, primarily drum & bass.


TiD&B: Can you tell us more about your approach to music making and production? Who or what do you take inspiration from in this area?

Metrik: I have very broad listening tastes.  My influences range from house, trance, techno, rock, soul, classical, 80′s synth and film music. When it comes to writing music, I tend to draw a lot from these influences – I try to make my music exciting and accessible but also with a degree of depth.  I love to produce powerful dancefloor tracks with a lot of energetic musicality, uplifting melodies and vocals.  I also love to produce big rave tracks that are engineered for high impact on the dancefloor.  My sound is quite diverse and I like to keep things that way to make it interesting for both myself and the listener.  I like to sit down with an open attitude and to make music I love making – for me this is key.

TiD&B: Is your way of working different with your own music compared to the remixes you have done?

Metrik: Working with remixes is generally a more straightforward process than writing an original piece – it’s a fun task to think of a fresh and innovative angle on somebody else’s work, particularly those who you musically admire.  All of the remixes I have done to date have fallen into that category as I’ve been lucky enough to remix artists such as Eric Prydz, Funk D’Void, John B to name a few.  There are often cases though when the original is already so good it’s actually difficult to do it justice!


TiD&B: Tell us about the new EP. Where did the idea for the name come about?

Metrik: I have always had an interest in sci-fi and given that my last EP (The Departure EP) had a stark space orientated theme, it made sense to continue it in some capacity.  Like the former EP, I wanted to represent a diverse range of sounds and styles so you can expect to hear big rave tracks, drumstep, dancefloor vocal liquid and even my first forays into dubstep. Although the dubstep track, ‘Between Worlds’, is not the lead track from the EP, it does share the same name – the concept behind it was to create a track based on travelling through universes into another world.  Without wanting to get too philosophical, the track is ultimately a synth-based dancefloor dubstep track with hopefully a unique twist.  I also had the pleasure of having Kathy Brown’s vocals grace my track ‘I See You’ which started as a piano hook I wrote on the Yamaha M1. Combined with Kathy’s vocals, the end result was an authentic early 90′s-sounding piano house influenced D&B track.  The lead track ‘T-2000′ is a remix of T-1000 from my previous EP which came about after thinking it would be a nice idea to give it a new lease of life.  It was actually intended only for my DJ sets as a tool but it got such a good reaction we decided to put it on the EP. ‘Genesis’ was a fun track to make as it was, based on my love for film scores, a chance to build an epic soundscape – the rest of the track developed into a dancefloor belter which has a had big reaction in the clubs.  ’Nightdrive’ shows the more melodic side to my sound, drafting in 80′s synths and vocal refrains – those who know my music will feel at home with the sound of this one.


TiD&B: What does the music you make mean to you?

Metrik: Music for me is such a powerful medium – it has the ability to make people happy and evoke emotions.  To be able to create music and then share it with people is an amazing feeling. If I know that in some way my music has touched someone, then that is quite a magical thing. I have also been going to raves since I was very young so to capture that energy and create reactions on the dancefloor is an awesome thing and an integral part of what I do.


TiD&B: Why do you think people are so passionate about D&B? Why are you?

Metrik: Drum & bass is an exciting genre because part of its ethos is to push the creative and technical boundaries of electronic dance music.  When I first heard a drum & bass track, I was blown away by the energy and fascinated by sounds which I’d never heard before. Without wanting to be too biased, as a form of club music, drum & bass feels like it has some of the most energy and impact on the dancefloor compared to other genres. It’s the right genre for me as structurally it allows many different styles and flavours to be infused. There is a style of drum & bass to fit any mood or occasion.  Although other forms of music achieve this in a different ways, I think people (myself included) are addicted to the powerful energy, edginess and versatility of drum & bass. 


TiD&B: Leading on from that, what are your thoughts about D&B today?

Metrik: Drum & bass is in a great place at the moment – there are a lot of very strong individuals in the scene who are paving a wave of new sound – I’m sure this will only get stronger as we head into 2012.  I have played at some amazing events this year across Europe and even Australia and it’s amazing to see drum & bass is alive and kicking on a worldwide scale. It’s also interesting to see the genre evolve as popular trends emerge, like the recent wave of drumstep. Who knows what will be ‘the sound’ this time next year!


TiD&B: What are your future plans?

Metrik: My future plans are to continue developing and put together a body of tracks for a potential album.  I definitely feel like this is the next step for me as the two EP’s I have produced have served as only a small snapshot of what I’m about. In addition to that, I want to collaborate with more artists in the scene.  Recently I completed a remix for Camo & Krooked of their track ‘Cross The Line’ which will be dropping on Hospital mid-November so keep a look out for that. I’m also currently working on a remix for John B and a collaboration with Grafix which I’m excited about too.

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