TiD&B’s The Conversion Conversation: Original Sin

Posted by on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

In our new feature The Conversion Conversation, we delve a little bit deeper, giving you an insight into some of your favourite artists’ most memorable and influential moments, and more importantly, touching upon that moment; when they got hooked on drum and bass, and their lives changed forever.


First up in the hot seat is Original Sin…



“I couldn’t possibly blame my love for D&B  on one tune, haha, it’s more a bunch  of tracks, and, from different parts of the scene.  I was really into GLR (Good Looking Records) stuff and jungle to begin with.. That progressed along with  the music of course.  



Twisted Individual was a huge influence on my music but then so were Dillinja, Sub Focus and Pendulum.


The moment which made me realise D&B was for me, was probably the first time I heard it in a club…There’s nothing  like sub bass on a 35k rig, haha…I’ll never forget,  just after my 18th  birthday I saw Andy C at Creamfields, UK -  he played ‘Titan’ and it  touched my fucking soul!”


Ram Trilogy ‘Titan’ (Ram Records, 2000)


Original Sin’s latest release,‘Move EP’ is out now on Playaz Recordings.


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