TiD&B’s The Conversion Conversation: Shy FX

Posted by on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

In our new feature The Conversion Conversation, we delve a little bit deeper, giving you an insight into some of your favourite artists’ most memorable and influential moments, and more importantly, touching upon that moment; when they got hooked on drum and bass, and their lives changed forever.


This week, we hear from pioneer and original Digital Soundboy, Shy FX:



“It wasn’t just one tune which got me into this, more like a collection of tunes; one being Jonny L’s ‘Hurt You So’ and another, ‘Euphoria’ by The House Crew.

I wouldn’t say it was those tunes that necessarily got me into the jungle/D&B scene as such, but I remember that those two tracks in particular gave me shivers when I first heard them.  It was some time in 1994, and I was stuck outside a club as I couldn’t get in – I heard them playing and felt an amazing high, even though I wasn’t on anything, I’ve never taken drugs…but the feeling I got from hearing them was something I’d never felt before and definitely made me realise that being a part of the music was something I wanted to do.”


Jonny L ‘Hurt You So’ (YO!YO! Records 1992)


The House Crew ‘Euphoria’ (Production House, 1993)


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