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Rregula has been incredibly busy of late, with a lot of his productions surfacing this year, much to the delight of fans favouring the harder, edgier sounds of techstep.  July saw the release of a collaborative album with Dementia entitled ‘Echoes From The Future’, and now the Australian native is readying listeners for his forthcoming debut solo longplayer ‘The Barramundi Experiment’. We caught up the with the highly entertaining, purveyor of dirty beats to find out more…



TiD&B: For those less acquainted with your musical style, how would you describe your sound?

Rregula: I’m mostly known for my deep and dirty rolling techstep, a lot of pace and fast drums, with a little bit of halftime and drumstep thrown in for good measure.  Midrange with deep washes.

TiD&B: With a penchant for the harder flavours within the genre, is there something in particular which attracts you to them?

Rregula: I come from a heavy rock/metal background, having played guitar in bands before I started producing EDM.  I think it has something to do with the intensity, and I love hard grindy sounds that I have never heard before.  I like dirt.


TiD&B: Your forthcoming LP ‘The Barramundi Experiment’ features thirty tracks – quite unusual for an artist album, how did it come together? Was it a result of an intensive period of writing or have you been collecting the tracks over time?

Rregula: It started out with a few tracks I had lying around, that I didn’t want to slip into the abyss so I thought I’d throw them on an album, but it just grew and grew and I started making more and more drumstep/halftime.  After about six months of dicking around, I scrapped half of the older tunes and wrote about twenty more for some stupid reason.  It was a bit of a purge, I think I needed to get those types of tunes out so I could move on musically, especially with the halftime stuff.

All of a sudden I had about thirty-ish tunes so I thought what the hell, I’ll just whack ‘em all on one big album.  Some of the halftime ones are more on the experimental side, but like I said, I just had to get them out of my brain.

The Barramundi Experiment Album Sampler

‘Arrival’ / ‘Let It Go’

TiD&B: Is there a particular concept behind the album? Did you write it as a piece to be listened to in its entirety or more as a selection of your strongest tunes?

Rregula: Well I made a drumstep tune that I thought was pretty cool and grindy, and I called it ‘The Barramundi Experiment’, as I was trying new stuff.  Then tune after tune, I couldn’t help but give them ocean themed names, so in the back of my mind I was like ‘well I guess that’s got to go on the album too, it’s another ocean themed tune.’

At the time I was obsessed with Michael Douglas in his performances from the 80s ( Wall Street, Black Rain etc…) and I was making all those ocean themed tunes, so I thought, fuck it, I’m whacking them together and that’s my thing for this album. So yeah…80s Wall Street vs. Aussie fish = D&B … er ok weirdo, at least its original.

The tunes are more from a period of writing rather than one piece from start to finish, but it’s all kind of cohesive anyway.

When it came to the title, I stuck to the ocean theme and concept of experimenting, and just thought ‘yeah…The Barramundi Experiment… that’s retarded, awesome, and Australian.’

TiD&B: You also dropped a collabo album with Dementia, ‘Echoes From The Future’ (Trust In Music), a few months back, was it easier working on that collaborative project, rather than your solo work? How does the process differ?

Rregula: Yes, the collabs are much easier! With all the Rregula and Dementia stuff I write two thirds of the music then send it all to Rooven (Dementia) to be finished and polished up, so I get to do all the fun stuff without the homework at the end, but it’s ok because he loves mix downs and is an all-round nice chap.

Rregula & Dementia ‘Echoes From Fhe Future’

album preview mix feat. MC Stunnah

TiD&B: Being a key player in the Australian D&B community, what’s the scene like there? Any particular talent that we should be taking note of?

Rregula: The Aussie D&B scene used to be ridiculous and very open minded, especially in Perth where I am from.  But the older generation of punters have half moved on and we are entertaining a fresh batch of punters, which has changed things enormously.  Shows are still decent but more for mainstream bass music and less for dirty rolling stuff, which seems to get a much better reception in Europe. 

Local guys…Descent always baff out a good roller and Echo and Sidetrack are as talented as they are handsome.  My cat also leant on my keys in the studio and cracked out a wicked diminished 7th chord. You should watch out for him too.

TiD&B: Finally, since splitting from Bad Robot around 5 years ago, both you and Phetsta have been repping strong individually, but are you ever tempted to return to making music together? Could a reunion or future collaboration be on the cards?

Rregula: Hahaha not at the moment, we’re very good friends but his music goes ‘weeeeiiihhh’ and my music goes ‘bleeerrrhhhhgggg’ so they don’t tend to make much sense anymore.  Maybe something in the future that’s not D&B and that the main focus is being jerks. That could work.

Rregula’s ‘The Barramundi Experiment Album’ sampler featuring ‘Arrival’/ ‘Let It Go’ is out now on Climate Recs.

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