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If you heard Lady V talking about Reso’s gem of a track ‘Voices of a Distant Star’ – forthcoming on the ‘Fifteen Years of Hospital Records’ compilation LP – a few weeks back on the 1Xtra Drum and Bass show, you’ll know that we’ve been keeping a very close eye on  the talented London-based producer. Cooking up beats over the past 5 years, unlike many of his contemporaries, he doesn’t restrict his sound to the confinements of one electronic music genre, instead, delivering a wealth of different flavours under the bass music umbrella, with releases on labels varying from Civil Music to Urban Graffiti.

In time for his appearance at Chew The Fat’s 14th Birthday this Friday at The Nest, London, we caught up with him to chat more about what to expect from his set, his relationship with D&B, and gabber…



TiD&B: It’s easy to try and describe music with words, but we’re throwing you straight in at the deep end; how would you describe your music if it were food?

Reso: Hmm, that’s a tough one!  I’d go for slow roasted pork belly; it’s fat, tasty and takes bloody ages to make.


TiD&B: When it comes to making music, you don’t limit yourself to one genre – but what sounds are you feeling the most at the moment?  Does that translate to the beats you find yourself writing?

Reso: I still listen to all sorts.  My favourite band at the moment are a math rock/electronic outfit called Three Trapped Tigers. It sounds like music from an 80s’ video game but from the year 2999, played by a band. 

All the music I listen to gets its way into my tunes in some way or another. That’s how influences work. 


TiD&B: Do you specifically set out to make a particular genre or do you just wait and see what comes natural?

Reso:  Sometimes I set out to make a specific thing and achieve that, other times I start out with one intention and it morphs into something completely different.  In a weird way, they almost make themselves.  For example, I’ll be messing around with samples and before I do anything to them, processing etc, they just fit and sound great.


TiD&B: In terms of drum and bass, which artists have particularly inspired you, and who do you admire?

Reso: Noisia, Phace, Misanthrop, Alex Perez, LTJ Bukem, Equinox, Ulterior Motive, Adam F, Blu Mar Ten, Ed Rush & Optical, it goes on and on…


TiD&B: On the D&B tip, your forthcoming release ‘Voices of a Distant Star’ is coming out on Hospital Records’ celebratory 15 year compilation LP – can you divulge any more info about your affiliation with them?

Reso: I’ll be doing more work with Hospital in the future.  They really like what I do and I’m really proud of myself that they like it. There’s no concrete arrangement as such, but so far, they’ve loved what I’ve sent them. Hopefully they’ll continue to like them. Who knows, maybe I’ll do an EP for them at some point.



TiD&B: We’ve also heard that you’re close to completing your debut album – how’s work on that going?  Can you tell us more about the D&B tracks you’ve got planned for it?

Reso: There’s a couple of D&B bits, one liquid-ish number and a proper darkside nuerofunk affair…You’ll just have to wait and see! 


TiD&B: We’re very much looking forward to hearing it! You’re playing at Chew The Fat’s 14th Birthday this Friday, joining some of your fellow TFA artists, what can we expect from your set?

Reso: Bumbaclart jungle rinseout. Well, a bit anyway.  I usually do a mix of styles; going through various types of D&B and dubstep with some 100bpm stuff thrown in for good measure.


TiD&B: And gabber? Word is that it’s no stranger to your personal playlists….

Reso: Hahahah!  I make gabber with some friends of mine purely for shits and giggles. The idea being that if it sounds terrible, it goes in the track.  It’s like a form of musical catharsis – I spend all day making ‘serious’ music so to switch off and just go a bit mental all over my computer’s ass is a lot of fun…especially if you have a lot of whisky whilst doing it!


Reso will be joining Artificial Intelligence as well as the likes of Bare Noize, Warrior One, Foamo and more for the bass music extravaganza that is Chew The Fat’s 14th Birthday taking place at The Nest, London this Friday 18th November.  

Fancy joining the legendary label in their celebrations?  


To WIN 2 tickets, simply email your full name and contact details to email@thisisdrumandbass.com before Friday 18th September 12pm, and a winner will be selected at random and notified.

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