TiD&B’s The Conversion Conversation: Craggz & Parallel

Posted by on Thursday, December 15th, 2011

In our weekly feature The Conversion Conversation, we delve a little bit deeper, giving you an insight into some of your favourite artists’ most memorable and influential moments, and more importantly, touching upon that moment; when they got hooked on drum and bass, and their lives changed forever.

This week’s Conversion Conversation, sees Craggz and Parallel in the hotseat…


Parallel: For both of us it wasn’t as simple as one moment, rather a culmination of lots of events – but most of these occurred whilst raving as teenagers in the late 90s.  For me personally, a few key moments include hearing Alex Reece’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ for the first time at the Blue Note in the late 90s…being in the middle of the English countryside and hearing DJ’s Die & Suv drop Dillinja’s ‘Tudor Rose’ at the Essential festival shortly after a Solar Eclipse was also special…and hearing Krust and Saul Williams’ apocalyptic ‘Coded Language’ for the first time at Manga in Edinburgh, is something I’ll never forget.  All of these experiences are in some way responsible for my obsession with the genre.


Craggz: When it comes to choosing a particular track that got me into D&B, it’s really hard to describe – being a few years older than Doug (Parallel) I’ve been there from the hardcore days so my interest evolved gradually along with the music.  But I do remember hearing Peshay’s ‘Piano Tune’ for the first time and being blown away by it.


Parallel: If I had to choose, it’s hard to pin-point one particular track – I lived in New Zealand as a kid, where dance music took a few years to catch on.  But I’d say Goldie’s ‘Timeless’ album (1992) and ‘The Prodigy Experience’ (1992) really struck a chord with me as they combined breakbeats with influences I was more familiar with like jazz, funk, soul, dub and reggae.


Craggz and Parallel’s ‘Turn The Page’ (Need For Mirrors Remix) and Future Shock (Jubei Remix) are out now on Product Recordings.

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