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2011 has proven to be yet another successful year for the inimitable 2Shy MC. Continuing to rep strong, with this year marking his fifteenth anniversary armed with mic in hand, 2Shy has graced some of the biggest raves in the D&B calendar; as a resident at unforgettable nights at fabriclive to the recent RAM UK South coast tour, as well as TiD&B fave Sun And Bass festival.

Rounding off his non-stop schedule and ending 2011 on a high, 2Shy will be joining a delectable roster of D&B and dubstep artists for Cable’s mammoth New Year’s Eve party Faster.  Ahead of the NYE shenanigans, we caught up with him to look back on some of his highlights of the past 12 months, and also find out more about how he’ll be seeing in 2012…


TiD&B: As another year draws to a close, what has been your personal highlight of 2011?

2Shy:  All of 2011 has been a highlight for me!  I try to enjoy every booking to the fullest.  There’s been some fantastic music released this year and some amazing events have taken place. Sun And Bass is always something I look forward to and I must admit, having been invited back again this year put a smile on my face.

TiD&B: Do you have a particular memorable rave from the past twelve months?

2Shy: Sun And Bass is a favourite of mine, and this year, I was lucky enough to be invited for the whole week, performing three times.  Every artist goes out there with the same intention as the raver; to have a good time.  Everything you need to know about the event is in the name, Sun And Bass, and I really enjoyed this year…A week in Sardinia, raving to good music can’t really be topped in my opinion, so I would have to say that was the most memorable as it was a week long rave!

Amit with 2Shy MC, Sun And Bass 2011

Nymfo with 2Shy MC, Sun And Bass 2011

TiD&B: Back in 2010, you launched Temah with a few like minded artists, how has this year been for the crew?  What you’ve been up to with them?
2Shy: Temah was a project that we put a lot of time and effort into before anyone had ever heard of it – we had the label, an agency and a free bi-monthly event at Plan B, London.  It was launched in November 2010 and was very successful, releasing 2 EP’s and putting on a few events that were very popular.  But, helping to run it along with the other guys, was very time consuming and it got to the point where I just didn’t have the time to give the project 100% anymore, so I decided to leave and let the guys get on with it.  Musically, I’m not too sure what Temah are up to but I know that they had their free Christmas party in London last week.  I wish them good luck with all their future projects.

TiD&B: You’ve also been dabbling in producing and DJing, is this something that you’ll be exploring more in the near future…will you be stepping away or taking a break from the mic?

2Shy: Getting into the production side of things was a natural progression really. It’s something that I have always wanted to venture into but never really had the time.  I tend to work a lot with my good mate Meth as we’re on the same kind of vibe and work very quickly together.  Getting more involved with making music has made me appreciate putting tracks/sets together a lot more. I’m really enjoying mixing again nowadays, it’s something that I’ve always done but I’m enjoying it a lot more now. 

As for stepping away from the mic…who knows!! It certainly won’t be anytime soon, although with a few projects in the pipeline I haven’t been on the writing tip quite as much as I’d like, purely due to the lack of time. I look at writing tracks the same as writing lyrics anyway, it’s all a form of expression – I’m just learning to express in a different way and really enjoying it.

2Shy November 2011 Mix


TiD&B: When it comes to writing, can you tell us more about your creative process?  Is it still easy to find inspiration for bars, even after being at the top of your game for so long?

2Shy: Writing is a form of expression.  For me, it’s my release of everyday emotions.  I write purely about things that I know or have experienced.  I used to be quite an angry, confused individual so that’s the writing road that I inevitably went down, but as I’m getting older I tend to have a different outlook on life so my writing is constantly changing.  Don’t get me wrong I still need to be in ‘the zone’ in order to write but finding inspiration isn’t a problem for me.  I could write about a conversation I overheard in a local shop or something that happened to me 15 years ago.

TiD&B: What would be your ideal musical line-up or set to vibe to?

2Shy: That’s a difficult one -  I love music and I’m pretty open minded musically.
But I would love to revisit 1988 up to present day in a field with thousands of happy people on the Valve sound system. That for me, would be the ultimate rave as it would be like flicking through a diary of my life via music. 

TiD&B: Does your taste differ when it comes to choosing music to chat to and music to listen to?

2Shy: Yes massively, although it’s only now that I’m beginning to blend the two together.  For instance, I’ve noticed when I have a mix now I tend to play more liquid vocal D&B, whereas I don’t tend to get booked to work over that kind of stuff very often due to my writing being directed more towards the heavier sounds. Again, this all boils down to where you are mentally when writing but as time goes by I’m listening to chilled out stuff a bit and the writing is starting to coincide with the music that I listen to.
I listen to all different genres of music though, not just D&B, I’m a music lover at the end of the day. 


TiD&B:  With a killer line-up, Faster looks set to be ridiculously good on NYE, are you hyped about it?  What can we expect?

2Shy: The Faster line up is massive and the fact that it’s at Cable is the icing on the cake.  It’s got all the ingredients to be a very memorable night.  All the DJs have been hand picked to bring something different to the table rather than playing the same beats ten times throughout the evening.  I personally didn’t even know that there were 3 arenas in Cable so the fact that Faster are opening up a room I didn’t know existed is intriguing in itself.
It’s sure to be a great night with no expense spared when you look at the Faster promoters history.  I’m looking forward to it!

TiD&B: What’s it like ‘working’ on New Year’s Eve, do you ever feel pressure as you’re booked, or will you be in party mode regardless?

2Shy: Working on NYE is an amazing experience.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see in a few midnight sets over the years and that’s a privilege that does come with a fair bit of pressure, as it’s the moment of the night that everybody in the venue will remember, from the ravers down to the bar staff.  It can also be a very tiring experience as well though, so spare a thought for the artists that will see in midnight speeding down a motorway in a car, away from their family with three to four gigs to try and make on time.
But I will definitely be in party mode on Dec 31st at Cable – make sure you reach as this will be a party to remember!

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