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Regardless of whichever radio show or podcast you’ve relied on over the past twelve months  to satisfy needs for the more melodic and soulful styles of drum and bass, we’re pretty sure you would have come across the sounds of Broken Drum.  Responsible for gems including the heart-wrenchingly beautiful ‘Closure’, ‘Genesis’  and ‘Get The Girl’, the three piece British collective have got their lush liquid productions on point – also highlighted in their weekly 2 hour specialist D&B show on Bassdrive - making them our go-to-guys for the sexier and soulful side of D&B.  So it seemed only fitting that we asked them to deliver our first guest mix of 2012 and what a very special one it is; a fine example of what Broken Drum do best, encapsulating the liquid vibe perfectly…

Gideon Thomas also caught up with Broken Drum’s Euan, Louis and Barrie to get to know them a little better…

TiD&B: For those who might not be too familiar, as way of an introduction, give us some history of the crew – how did you guys meet?

Broken Drum: We all go way back, growing up in the same town in Essex and attending the same school – we finally hooked up in 2004 to start working on tunes together.  We owe the meet up to a pal Trauma who introduced us and we’ve spent many good years together ever since.


TiD&B: Can you tell us about your writing and production process? What’s it like working as a three-piece?

Broken Drum: It varies a lot, sometimes we’re all in the studio together, sometimes we work on stuff on our own and share projects online, we don’t have a strict method of working, as long as we get to a finished track we’re happy.

TiD&B: Let’s talk liquid, as your sound is very much on the soulful side of D&B -  why do you produce this style, rather than any other forms?

Broken Drum: Basically for the love of the scene and the people, liquid D&B is the kind of sound that connects with your soul so that’s what does it for us.  We all dabble in the creative industries, but music is what we’re most passionate about.

Closure (LuvDisaster, 2011)

TiD&B: What does the sub-genre mean to you?

Broken Drum: Wow, what a question, we’re soulful spirits and this genre continues to deliver the great sounds that rare groove, jazz, funk and soul gave us.  We all love music in all forms, and really enjoy producing, it’s quite therapeutic making tunes.

Music is most definitely an art form, and the technical side offers the greatest challenges.

TiD&B: Why do you think liquid engenders such passion in its followers?

Broken Drum: Probably because of how it makes you feel, what with all the technically advanced stuff out there, liquid seems to hold onto the vibe that got us into the music in the first place.  The people are great, like-minded spirits searching for tunes that touch the soul.  It’s an intimate scene rarely tainted by arrogance and massive egos.


TiD&B: Beyond producing,  you also host a weekly show on Bassdrive and run your own label, LDNB Music, can you tell us more?

Broken Drum: With Bassdrive, we simply asked and they were happy to have us on, so started a new relationship between us across the pond.  We absolutely love the Bassdrive family, we’ve just passed our 100th show which is a great mark to reach, and there is no sign of us stopping yet.

With our label Liquid DNB, it’s all about the music.  With so much great unsigned music out there, we wanted to create an outlet to showcase some of the best tracks around.  At present we work with 20 artists, including Donnie Dubson, Qumulus, Clart, and Command Strange to name a few  It’s nice to be working with both established artists and newcomers, all of which produce great music.

TiD&B: What are your aims and goals for the label, and for Broken Drum as a collective?

Broken Drum: We’ll keep making liquid drum and bass, we have a few solo projects and collaborations on the horizon too, which will make for fresh sounds and new directions.  Broken Drum is our outlet for our creative juices so we have no intentions to stop writing music, we aim to keep pushing forwards and make good D&B. 

With the label, we have so much quality music to put out and we continue to grow with each release, so we’ll carry on doing what we’re doing and try to reach more people.

Catch Broken Drum on Bassdrive, 3pm (GMT) every Saturday.

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