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Posted by on Thursday, January 12th, 2012

In our weekly feature The Conversion Conversation, we delve a little bit deeper, giving you an insight into some of your favourite artists’ most memorable and influential moments in music; when they got hooked on drum and bass and were inspired to pursue careers in the genre – when their lives changed forever.


This week sees us in conversation with Dispatch label-head Ant TC1…



“I got into rave back in 1990/91 before it gradually turned into drum & bass.  Pennywise’s ‘Neuromancer’, which was more of a rave anthem, definitely hooked me in 20 years ago, aged just 13  – it has everything I love about drum and bass today going on: good drums, nice subs and soul!

Pennywise ‘Neuromancer’ (Symphony Sound Records, 1992)

I think I just got a natural feel for the breakbeat – most people say it’s the bass that hooks them in but I’m not sure I ever appreciated real bass until Dillanja came into the fold and warped my mind, as he did most people.  I was all for the breaks from the off, I could never tire of a choppy Amen back then!

Working in D&B full time, strangely enough, has only become a recent thing  I left my full time job last year in the ninth year of running Dispatch.  It got to a point where I thought ‘shall I risk it and make a big go of it?  Or, keep working my way up in this corporate environment that I don’t feel I really fit into?’  It still feels strange because running the label, writing music and DJing has always been my most enjoyable hobby and first love (I hope my dog doesn’t read this) but now everything’s going just about well enough and I’m happier than ever, being involved in D&B full time – so thanks to everyone for buying the music and promoters for booking me to DJ!”

Forthcoming cuts on Dispatch Recordings to keep an ear out for:
 - Octane, DLR & Survival ‘The Others’/Arkaik ‘Gumshoe’, released 30th January (Dispatch LTD)
 - Dabs’ debut EP featuring Cern, Safire, Amoss, Survival & Ant TC1, released 13th February



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