METH100: Goldie ‘Freedom’

Posted by on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

After much speculation with regards to just what the legendary Metalheadz would select to mark their 100th release, the label have now officially confirmed that it will be a track from head honcho Goldie.  Entitled ‘Freedom’, it features vocals from Natalie Duncan, a young musician he mentored in last year’s BBC TV programme Goldie’s Band – By Royal Appointment.

METH100 will only be one track, but for all vinyl enthusiasts, the flipside will have a hand written statement from Goldie etched in it, beginning with the following:

“You dream about magic as a boy: what if, what if I could really change things? I guess most people grow up and forget we still have that ability that power, that alchemy, that power to transform dreams into vision. For me that dream is music and art… Metalheadz. My vision. The canvas and the melting pot of ideals. The solid foundation in my life that I never had: a family of like-minded people that have so much love for this “craft”. Music to me is so unconditional, and when it enters your heart – and not your head – it touches you in a way that nothing else can. THE SOUL.”

Upon reaching the seminal 100th release, the Metalheadz catalogue will be renumbered, as Goldie explains,

“I’m starting all over again from 002, a rebirth. I’ve decided to retire 001 because that was seminal. Music to me is moments in time, memories. I remember the smell of my first cigarette or when I heard my first soul tune, the smell of the club, the atmosphere. When you were a kid you fell over and grazed your hands, if I asked you what day of the week it was you couldn’t tell me, but you remember the memory. I remember where I was when I first heard ‘Drumz’.”

‘Freedom’ will be released on Metalheadz on 2nd April.

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