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As the vocals on Moving Fusion’s latest single ‘Attention’ demands, you need to pay attention and turn it up as they return with a smashing triple threat of a release.  Also marking their debut on Viper Recordings, Moving Fusion’s latest offering features three tunes each fully capable of causing damage on the dancefloor, from the hypnotic ‘Mystery Stranger’, to the gnarly ‘Tear Your Soul’ and straight up sing-along anthem ‘Attention’.

Gideon Thomas caught up with the duo to talk more about the release and their much welcomed recent return to the D&B scene…



TiD&B: You’ve had a long and distinguished career, with huge achievements, both as a collective and individually – can you tell us about some of your greatest musical moments?

Moving Fusion: Great opening question! There have been so many high points over the years – our first release on Ram Records was a big thing for us at the time and then travelling the world as a result of the music we made is an incredible feeling and one that we still appreciate now as much as ever. Winning Mixmag’s Dance Music Tune of the Year in 1998 with ‘Turbulence’ was big, and headlining our first sold out tours in the US and Australia will always make us proud.  Selling around 25,000 copies of ‘Thunderball’ (all vinyl) was brilliant in terms of sales and writing our debut LP ‘The Start Of Something’ felt like a huge achievement. We’re proud of everything we have done musically and hope to achieve much more over the coming years.

Moving Fusion ‘Turbulence’ (Ram Records, 1997)



TiD&B: How does it feel being such a big influence in the scene?

Moving Fusion: Well we don’t really feel as if we are a big influence on people but I guess over the years, especially at the end of the 90s and early 00s we did touch a lot of people with our music and as a result, played our part in shaping dance music and the D&B scene -  particularly the D&B that people are making and hearing today.  It’s always an amazing feeling, particularly when visiting somewhere far from home, when someone comes up to us, telling us how the music had an effect on them – that’s always really special.


TiD&B: Your back-catalogue is filled with a wealth of classics! The last couple of years have been spent apart – what drew you back together to produce as Moving Fusion again?

Moving Fusion: Although it was never really planned, we always felt that there was some unfinished business.  For a couple of years, we didn’t even see or speak to each other and just got on with our own thing, but we needed that period as we had spent a lot of time together and it was at times intense! 

It was around the end of 2010 that we talked about going back into the studio and working again and it just felt natural and the right time – we’re best mates and we share a love for trying to be creative musically.  Some friends go and meet for a beer in the pub, we choose to hang out in the studio making beats…and maybe sink a beer or two! 


TiD&B: Tell us about your new single, how did the tracks come about, and what are the influences behind them?

Moving Fusion: They came about as a result of a lot of time and effort in the studio.  It’s a percentage game, we can make ten tracks but maybe only three or four will see the light of day. That’s how we work now, years ago we would persevere with the same track for weeks but nowadays we don’t get the time to do that so we try to make one or two a week and just see which ones work.  As for the influences, I guess our style has changed a little over the years,  but we will always try to write catchy music and follow wherever the vibes takes us.  With ‘Attention’ we had the vocal looping round so that kind of dictated where the track would go.  Most of the time we really do just go into the studio and see what comes out, although lately we have talked about going in with more specific ideas for tunes.


TiD&B: Making D&B for so long, we guess it’s inevitable that your sound changes.  What about your production methods, particularly with the switch form analogue to digital – has that had a big effect on how you work now?

Moving Fusion: When we first started, things were so different to how they are now – we do everything digitally now and changing over from the old analogue set up was difficult.  We were brought up on samplers and just using a computer to sequence so our processes have changed drastically.  We used to spend days searching for new breaks and bass sounds but now that stuff is far easier to access.  A few years ago, we changed over from Cubase to Logic and now also getting into Ableton so we’re constantly learning and trying new ways of working within all areas of our production.  It’s important to be adaptable to change to stay with the times and technological advances.


TiD&B: Looking forwards, where do you see drum and bass going in 2012?

Moving Fusion: D&B has gone from strength to strength over the years and is now commercially recognised as much as any other form of dance music.  In 2012 D&B will again thrive, with continued success from all the artists leading the way, as well as many new talents breaking through.  A lot of festivals and clubs now have mixed genre stages/rooms so the music gets more exposure to new audiences and with the amount of radio play D&B gets now it’s just growing all the time, but the journey has a long, long way to go!


TiD&B: What are your future plans? Can we expect a forthcoming album?

Moving Fusion: We would love to say there’ll be an album ready by a certain date but who knows!  At the moment, we’ve got our heads down, writing new music and then we’ll see what happens.  Writing an album is difficult – you have to be very prolific to write a lot of good music in a relatively short period of time and we are probably not quite there yet in terms of consistency.  But, we are working hard and an album is kind of the pinnacle of any artist’s ambitions so we would love to do another one some day.


TiD&B: What keeps you driven, in terms of continuing to make new music?

Moving Fusion: We love making music, it’s as simple as that. Although we also feel as if we didn’t achieve anywhere near as much as we perhaps should have done bearing in mind the success we had years ago, so now we’re really hungry to make up for lost time.  Moving Fusion always made innovative and original music so we have to get back to that and where we belong; at the top of the game!  There’s so much fantastic music around right now and so many talented new producers and DJs that we’re never short of inspiration.  


TiD&B: Finally, any messages for our readers or shouts you’d like to kick?

Moving Fusion: Watch this space guys, we’re coming at ya once more… big shout to Futurebound, Tim and everyone at Viper for all their hard work, to Disco D and the Loaded Dice family and to everyone who supports and follows what we do, and all the D&B ravers all over the world.


Moving Fusion also dropped a very tasty free tune a few weeks back and if you didn’t catch it the first time round, download ‘Electro Sound’ below:

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