Free Tracks: Fanu ‘Trouble’ and ‘Desert’

Posted by on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Freebies from Fanu, as he explains;

“Here’s two tracks I was working on a while.  Originally, I was planning to make an EP out of these, but once again, I got buried in other work (non-music-life work), and the idea kind of dragged.  And now that I have a little more time again, I get the feeling that I want to clear the desk and move on, you know?  Sometimes you want a fresh start and you feel that you want to get all the old stuff out of the way: to get going with new stuff, you need to deal with the old.

So what’d be better than just give these tracks to those who I originally planned releasing them for.  At least they’re fresh out of the oven, lemme tell you that!”


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