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Posted by on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Sub Zero’s most recent offering, ‘Bi Polar EP’ sees the Playaz resident exploring a variety of styles less synonymous with his trademark jump-up sound, showcasing true craftsmanship; versatility in his productions.  In the weeks following the buzz around his new(ish) musical direction, TiD&B’s Gideon caught a moment with him to speak more about the EP release…


TiD&B: You’re a name who’s been around for a while in D&B,  making music under various guises -  can you pin down what first interested you, or inspired you to become a producer?

Sub Zero: I’ve been into music since a young age but I guess the point when I first wanted to spend my life being involved in it was in my late teens, after listening to various great D&B albums such as Bukem’s ‘Logical Progression’ and ‘ Timeless’ by Goldie.   Also, watching documentaries on rave culture and seeing people like Hype DJing at Helter Skelter to thousands made me very much want to do the same thing.


 DJ Hype live at Helter Skelter, Milton Keynes, 1994


TiD&B: ‘Bi Polar EP’ came out last month, how did the tracks come about?  What was your  thought process behind selecting the cuts featured?

Sub Zero: The EP is just kind of the best bits of what I’ve been doing in the studio over the last 6 months – choosing the tracks was pretty easy and straightforward, as  they were the best ones I had at the time!

TiD&B: The EP marks a progression and somewhat a change of direction in terms of your production…

Sub Zero:  I think I’m just maturing as an artist and producer.  I want to appeal to a wider range of people and I think, or hope, that that’s reflected in my newer work.

TiD&B: What’s it like being part of the Playaz camp with such big names as Hype and Pascal?

Sub Zero:  How about big names like Hazard and Original Sin?!  It’s great, there are some sick tunes kicking about from them all and that’s also great for a bit of  healthy competition!

TiD&B:  Which other artists are you feeling at the moment – ones you think we should be looking out for? 

Sub Zero:  Supreme Being,  Harvest,  Krakota, Renegade.

TiD&B: After your many achievements through the years, what’s next for Sub Zero?

Sub Zero:  I want to get better as a producer and like I said, reach more people with my music! 

Check out snippets of Sub Zero’s ‘Bi Polar EP’, out now on Playaz Recordings:

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