Calyx & Teebee + Rene LaVice Sign to Ram Records

Posted by on Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Ram Records have announced two new exclusive signings; Canadian up-and-coming talent Rene LaVice, and power-producing duo Calyx & Teebee.



Calyx & Teebee’s eagerly awaited new album will be released on Ram not, as perhaps assumed, Momentum Music – their joint label which put out their 2007 debut ‘Anatomy’  nor Teebee’s own imprint Subtitles.



Teebee explained on his Facebook page;

“We’ve got a great deal with an amazing label that has the network and power to get our music out to a lot of people . Subtitles will continue to grow and there’s loads in the pipeline there.  Momentum is on hold.  We only ever did one album, and wanted to stay away from the admin side of things . We’re thrilled to be on RAM!”


Congratulations to both new additions to the Ram roster – very exciting times ahead for the legendary label!

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