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Posted by on Friday, April 13th, 2012

We last spoke with Hybrid Minds just under a year ago when Matt aka Sensa and Josh aka Haste’s collaborative project had just started bubbling, but with so much happening since then, including a string of top notch releases and a new addition to the crew, we felt a catch up was more than necessary!
Lady V chatted with the duo, also asking them to provide an exclusive guest mix which they did a stellar job with;  30 minutes of lush liquid cuts, just for you, under the jump…


TiD&B: When we last spoke, Hybrid Minds was still a fairly new project but now your name is cropping up a lot, and more specifically, being associated with the  crème de la crème of labels putting out those good soulful vibes – it’s a big look!

Hybrid Minds:  We are overwhelmed by how well our tracks have been going down so far, and in such a short time too. The support from the scene and the online channels like UKF & Liquicity has been amazing.  It’s a real honour to be able to release our tunes with labels that we have always admired.  We just want to carry on making music and see how far we can take it.  It’s a very good feeling to feel like we are starting to make our own small mark on the scene.

TiD&B: You also appear to have become 3?  Having collaborated with Grimm on quite a few releases, is he now part of Hybrid Minds?

Hybrid Minds: Grimm is most definitely now part of Hybrid Minds.  We plan to continue to work together on most of the tracks and keep the sound we have and expand with it.  He’s become part of the brand now and a good portion of what Hybrid Minds is all about.   But like a battery, he has a negative side and that is…he’s ginger, haha!

TiD&B: Some of our favorite liquid releases of 2012 have come from you guys, but are you ever tempted to make harder sounds such as the kind you were producing before joining forces under the Hybrid Minds moniker?  Do they crop up in studio sessions anymore?

Hybrid Minds: It’s weird you should ask, we were just discussing that last night – we absolutely love the darker side of things and play it in our sets a lot.  It’s just that our hands have been pretty tied up with making music on the other end of the scale.  Our love goes beyond the melodic side of things but at the minute we are just trying to cement our sound.  It’s still very early days and we can guarantee we will be making some dance floor bangers. We have made a couple collabs with Anile which have been going down very well but we are not sure what is happening with them yet.


TiD&B: What have you got planned next, is there an album in the works?

Hybrid Minds: We have more than enough potential tracks on the way to compile an album but it’s still very early days, it is something we have discussed but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

TiD&B:  You’ve put together an awesome guest mix for us, featuring MC Tempza on hosting duties who does a wicked job – what ideal place/state of mind do you suggest we should be in to listen to it?

Josh: Our music is aimed at happy people who like dinosaurs, so I think the ideal place think to listen to this mix would have to be in a past life whilst riding a pterodactyl.

Matt: I’d want to listen to it whilst in the Wacky Warehouse, swimming in the ball pit.

With those wise words, hurry up and press play… 



Hybrid Minds’  self-titled debut EP is out now on AudioPorn.

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