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It is a well known fact that London has become obsessed with the concept of warehouse raves in the last few years, and it was pretty inevitable that somewhere down the line someone would have to throw an unforgettable D&B one.   Broken & Uneven, part of the team behind the legendary We Fear Silence parties decided to hand the reigns over to dBridge to choose the line up for A Bunch Of Cuts Presents EXIT Records – Aptitude.  His pickings were not light, including the five resident ABoC DJs plus three MCs as well as Dub Phizix B2B Skeptical, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Amit, Doc Scott, Consequence and Joe Seven. To make the night even more remarkable, they threw the party at Hackney Downs Studios, an 800 capacity in East London that brought home memories for many of the original D&B nights in the nineties.



The venue was around a ten minute walk from the surrounding overground stations and had a distinct lack of cash points near-by, but from the moment we stepped around the corner the rumbling echoes of bass being slammed against metal shutters hit us.  It was a two-floors affair with a Funktion-One rig soundsystem in the main room and visuals behind the stage supporting Amit playing a set on Ableton.  His classic ‘Nine Times’ had a large portion of the girls singing along to the lyrics before his latest release on Exit, ‘You Look Better Dead’ packed the room out. Dub Phizix’s take on Digital’s ‘Deadline’ expectedly demanded a filter-seduced rewind as Amit showcased his talent by mixing without headphones.

A delicate layer of smoke was sitting above the crowd as MC Justyce hyped dBridge stepping up to the plates. Within a few minutes of starting, it was clear he was going to deliver a second mesmerizing set of the night and he went in with a new VIP of Dub Phizix & Skeptical’s acclaimed ‘Marka’ – a refreshing break from the tune which has enjoyed play time in almost every set for six months. Tyrone’s royal ‘Behemoth’ went down a treat as the crowd clearly recognized it as one of the best tunes this year, stomping out hard and being encouraged by deservedly respected SP:MC. It’s fair to say the room was compromised of safe, sound fans that were there mainly for the music, which made for an excellent atmosphere. Dub Phizix and Skittles’ forthcoming ‘Creator’ absolutely stunned those who hadn’t heard it before as well as causing those who knew what it was, to go mental shaking nearby friends. The hour showcased dBridge’s versatile tune selection as he dipped into minimal, tribal drums and touched bases with more techy sounds.

Next up were the unstoppable partners in crime, Skeptical & Dub Phizix who have been recently wowing the scene with their impeccable production. Playing a dense set lined with many of their most popular tunes and littered with deep, dark D&B; the pair provided serious beats including Enei & DRS’s renowned ‘Obsession’ and wowed the crowd with Jubei feat. Flowdan’s forthcoming ‘Say Nothin’. The room was at peak capacity for the whole night during the hour as the crowd danced hard from the barriers to just outside the room.

The next hour went to Calibre, who played an unavoidably stunning set; dusting off the classics like his ‘Notting Hill’ in between his new flavours, which had a slower-tempo feel, and syncopated drum patterns. Calibre’s exceptional ‘Even If’ blended in particularly well with his remix of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ ‘Garden’, which had smiles lighting up throughout the room. DRS accompanied the set perfectly illustrating his raw talent through his accomplished bars. Jazz piano lines and soothing synths brought the mood even higher as the crowd looked genuinely forlorn as he brought the hour to a gentle close.

The last two hours flew by in such a short space that we were genuinely surprised by the time the lights turned on and the professional but kind security ushered the last soldiers out of the shutters. Marcus Intalex provided the latest in cutting-edge D&B with new numbers on his seminal Soul:R label and Enei & DRS’s mighty ‘Count To Ten’. Fashioning the end of his set, he brought back memories with Phil Tangent’s ‘Lunar’ that was received very well by those still standing before Klute rounded off the night with brutal beats and neuro-funk impulses.

A devastatingly good night, both A Bunch Of Cuts and Broken & Uneven delivered a party studded with an all-star line up and fabulous venue. Good vibes and appropriate security made all the difference in a nice change from the negative side of the double edged sword d&b attracts. Returning on August 25th, A Bunch Of Cuts will be presenting another night at the same venue. Stick it in your diary now.

Images courtesy of Daddy’s Got Sweets for Resident Advisor.
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