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There’s nothing quite like that moment when your ears instinctively prick up and facial muscles contort battling between a bass face grimace and a beaming grin, in realisation that you’ve found a musical gem.  Even better, is when upon discovering more about said beatmaker(s), you realise you’re yet to be acquainted with their work – cue geeky researching into their back-catalogue, social network stalking etc.

The most recent tune to reach our inbox and have such a welcomed effect was ‘13000’ by British trio The Silent Coup.  Hands up, we knew little about them but with their debut’s definitive nod to the earlier sounds of drum and bass catching our attention and in turn encouraging that smile to appear, it was time we found out more – Lady V chatted with the guys, also bagging a bloody good guest mix from them too…





TiD&B: For those new to hearing your name, can you introduce yourselves..

The Silent Coup:  We are a jungle/drum and bass collective from Reading, consisting of three principle members; Donski, Fort Experiment and Leaper.

Joe Donovan, aka Donski, got into mixing in his early teens, later progressing into production.   Chris Fort, aka Fort Experiment, is a classically trained musician and started producing after being inspired by  early jungle and the more intelligent sounds of D&B.  Our third member, Alistair Reid aka Leaper’s early influences stem from his parent’s love of roots reggae and soul music – his interest in music production developed from experimenting with keyboards and samplers in his early years.    

TiD&B: How did you all hook up to form The Silent Coup?

The Silent Coup: Joe and Alistair met at a music production course run at a local youth centre in Reading, and through their mutual love of jungle/D&B, began producing their own beats.  Chris, who began dabbling with Music 2000 on the PlayStation, was introduced to Joe and Aly through mutual friends, and quickly began collaborating in audio experimentation and learning the ropes of production.  From then, it’s been years that we’ve been honing  our skills to develop The Silent Coup sound, and we’re happy to hear people are feeling it!

TiD&B: If you had to describe your sound as a meal, what would it be?

The Silent Coup: Haha! That’s a funny question…it would have to be organic unicorn fillet steak; mythical, meaty and full of flavour.  With added peppercorn sauce.

TiD&B: So are you all still based in Reading? What’s the scene like there?

The Silent Coup: Reading has a very small underground D&B scene. During the 90s you had the likes of Bassment Records (both the label and shop), Street Beats, and the Bassheads raves at the Matrix which brought through a lot of top producers and labels.   Nowadays, there is a small, regular night at the Purple Turtle called Sub Factory, as well as a monthly night called Bassment.  We occasionally get bigger events but they’re few and far between. 

We feel Reading needs a revival, not just for drum and bass but for music in general!  However, EngineEarz (who are from Reading) seem to be leading a bit of a renaissance in the town for all things electronic, so hopefully things will change for the better.  But keep your ear to the ground, who knows what the future brings!

TiD&B: From Berkshire to Bondi, as for your debut release ’13000′, you’ve linked up with Australian based imprint Inna Riddim, how did that come about?

The Silent Coup:  Leaper got in contact with Inna Riddim co-founder, Seb Slice.  It turned out that Seb had grown up in the Reading area and also loved the same D&B vibes as us – he instantly identified with our sound and was keen to work with us. 

TiD&B: Is the number ’13000′ of any significance to the track?

The Silent Coup:  ’13000′ has been in our archives for a few years.  Back in 2006, Joe and Chris were into writing acid influenced jungle/D&B and you can hear that in the track, drawing on vibes from early acid techno and Roland 303 bizniz.  The track just sort of evolved from there.   After a bit of sample digging, Fort found the vocal sample and we added a 13000 Hz tone with the aim of grabbing the listener’s attention – hopefully without giving them tinnitus! – the name was conceived from that.

TiD&B: It is definietly a nod to the dope styles of earlier D&B days.  Can we expect to hear more good stuff from you guys?  What does the future hold for The Silent Coup?

The Silent Coup: Although ’13000′ is our debut  release, we’ve been producing beats for well over ten years and have quite an extensive unreleased back catalogue of tunes.  We hope to be releasing some of these tracks, as well as fresh material, on our website in the near future. 

TiD&B: Finally, we have to ask, what is ‘the covert seduction’ can you disclose any info or is it top secret?

The Silent Coup: It’s a lot to do with subtly seducing the listener through primal rhythms.  We like to keep it tribal and organic.




The Silent Coup ’13000′/ Aural Blueprint ‘Reminisce’ is out now on Inna Riddim.
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