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Those with a penchant for the more melodic sounds of drum and bass are sure to be in the know of Technicolour and Komatic’s productions.  Established as successful artists within their own right, when they come to collaborate, results from the studio always prove to be something special. From sourcing stunning vocals to creating full bodied warm basslines, Technicolour aka Pete Rogers and Komatic aka Andy Powell are true connoisseurs of music rich with soul.

Yes, such a statement is quite a grand one to make, but no, we’re not exaggerating, and if being championed by the likes of Fokuz, SGN:LTD and Spearhead isn’t enough, let us refer you to the excellent guest mix which the duo have exclusively provided us with.  A selection comprising of their own work, Technicolour and Komatic have put together a 55minute mix showcasing exactly what they do best!  TiD&B’s Cameron Hughes also caught a quick chat with them getting to know the artists behind the music a little more…


TiD&B: You’ve both released some amazing symphonic D&B as solo producers, and for the past few years, we’ve also witnessed some huge collabo tracks too…obviously the love for D&B runs deep – how did you first get into the music?

Komatic: For me, it was back when ‘One in the Jungle’ first started on Radio 1.  I remember people recording the shows onto tape and then bringing them into school the next day to play them on the stereo that we could use during lunchtimes.  Everyone would be crowded round trying to work out when the tunes were coming out, the labels, the producers…..it was a very exciting time!

Technicolour: My first exposure to drum and bass was through pirate radio in Luton.  The town actually had a really strong rave and party scene during the early 90s and there was also a fantastic record shop, Soul Sense, that me and my mates used to spend all of our time in.

TiD&B:  Fast forward to when you first started collaborating on your own tunes, how did the link up come about?

Komatic: It happened via the Drum and Bass Arena production forum  –  I was given a tune of Pete’s to remix (Parson’s Green) as part of a competition organised by the forum heads and he really liked the track.  From there, we started  talking on AIM and then without realising it, we started collaborating.

Technicolour:  I had a track which I’d been working on that I passed over to Andy on AIM to have a look at and play around with.  That tune became ‘Innervision’ which was signed to Technique Recordings, and from then on we continued to pass ideas back and forth.

TiD&B: A fave from your back-catalogue is ‘Daydreamer’ such a big tune – you guys really know how to give a track that royal epic summer feeling!  Is there a particular production formula you stick to when writing together?

Technicolour:  There isn’t really a set formula.  Sometimes I’ll bring a sample, Andy might bring a drum beat, or it just starts with sketches which one of us has been working on and bring to the table -our roles in the studio are constantly changing.

TiD&B: There is a definitive soul/jazz/funk and jungle influence in your sound, are there any particular non-dnb artists that may have influenced and inspired your production too?

Komatic:  I’d say Chicane and Nightmares on Wax are probably my biggest influences but I listen to a wide range of music so it’s difficult to pinpoint it to any one particular source.

Technicolour:  I’ve always been a record collector, with jazz, soul and soundtrack music being a big passion. But if I had to select something which really affected my production, I’d have to say ‘Entroducing’ by DJ Shadow. That album just blew everything wide open for me, I could see the possibilities with samples that I’d never really grasped before.

TiD&B: If your tunes were a soundtrack to a movie, which movie would it be?

Komatic: Difficult one.  I think I’d go with ‘Bullitt’.

TiD&B: We know you love to spin, and you both always look like you’re having an awesome time when playing out live, what goes through your mind when you’re standing in front of the crowd doing your thing?

Komatic: ‘Whatever you do, don’t fuck this mix up’.


TiD&B:  Do you have a favourite or most memorable gig to date?

Technicolour: We’ve been lucky enough to play some cracking parties over the past 12 months, and there have been lots of very memorable moments, good and bad!

Komatic: For me I think doing the Signall FM festival in Slovakia.  The crowd out there were incredible, the scenery was stunning, plus it’s where I met my girlfriend!

TiD&B: Outside of the studio, you come across as being mates first and foremost, with interesting banter on Twitter! Any chance of that coming through on maybe a collabo podcast?

Komatic: We did do a Bassdrive show once together, and we more recently did the Shogun Audio Ministry of Sound show too. We’d absolutely love to do it, but because Pete lives in Wimbledon and I live up in Bedford it’s not always easy to link up.

TiD&B:  What else is in the pipeline for you two?

Komatic: Well we’ve got two new singles dropping on A.I’s label Integral, both are collaborations with LSB; ‘Rotary Motion’/'Serendipity’.  Plus we have another single on Spearhead which is ‘Stay ft. Jayma’ and the Bcee Remix.

Technicolour:  We’ve also got an EP in the pipeline, and hopefully we’ll be doing more work with Shogun in the future too so watch this space!

To catch a preview of those tracks and more goodness from Technicolour and Komatic, check out their beautiful guest mix below, hurry up and press play!





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  • shamus April 30th, 2012 12:36

    Wow I use to chat with these guys on Drum and bass arena!!! Both of them excellent tutors and beat makers!!

  • Hasta May 3rd, 2012 11:33

    Gotta say, keep up ! :D love your music !

  • Simzah May 3rd, 2012 20:13

    Nice interview!! These guys are brilliant.


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