TiD&B Interview: Cyantific

Posted by on Friday, May 11th, 2012

Following Cyantific’s new single release ‘Mirador’/’Defect’ out now on his own eponymous imprint, TiD&B’s Lucie stole 5 minutes with him to talk 80s music, his lack of cooking skills and plans to jump out of a plane…


TiD&B: It’s May already, what’s the dream for the rest of 2012?
Cyantific: The dream is simple – to cultivate the label & my podcast, and finish my album (for real this time), there’s a fair bit of music there already.  That, and to take my indoor bowls game pro.

TiD&B: Worst subject at school?
Cyantific: Weirdly enough – science. I had a horrible teacher. He said I’d never amount to anything…how right he was.

TiD&B: What’s the secret to your success?
Cyantific: Luck and graft. Any music success story needs a large helping of both. Timing plays a massive part in it too. Some great musicians never make it because they lack one of the three. That’s why I wear my lucky wristwatch while grafting.

TiD&B: Any guilty pleasures music-wise?
Cyantific: Oh man, you asked the wrong guy the wrong question. I don’t even know where to start. Maybe check out my 80′s montage music mini-mix I did for Annie Mac,  or this 80′s funk mix:


I’m currently planning a new jack swing mix to follow it up…dang, it’s bad.


TiD&B: You’re on ‘Come Dine With Me’, what are you cooking?
Cyantific: I can’t say I’m a very good cook. I can cook if I really have to, I just don’t get the same joy from it which some people do.  So,  frozen pizzas all round then?

TiD&B: You’ve collaborated with artists such as Wilkinson and Logistics, who else would you most like to work with?
Cyantific: Definitely not those guys again, look how that turned out. I’ve just done a couple of tunes with this new guy Dimension though, that was wicked, look out for those this year.

TiD&B: Most extreme thing on your ‘to do before you die’ list?
Cyantific: First one that pops into my mind is visiting Madagascar. Although I did promise a friend that next time I went to Hawaii, I’d jump out of a plane. I’d also like to own a gold Uzi.

TiD&B: The new single’s out now, anything to say about it?
Cyantific: Buy it! Nah, check it out, that’s all I ask. I think it’s one of the best singles I’ve ever done, so if you’re a fan or not, take a listen. I’m also really happy with the artwork – homeboy did a great job!

TiD&B: What’s your best dance move?
Cyantific: This…

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